About Inflatable

Inflatable products are a great way to save space and money. They are usually used for events, festivals, parties, and other gatherings.

Inflatable products can be a lifesaver for event planners because they don't have to worry about finding the perfect venue or renting out expensive equipment. They can also be used as decorations at events or parties.
Why should you buy JumpBelly inflatable for your home?
Easy Clean

JumpBelly inflatables are made with high quality commercial grade PVC vinyl, all are easy clean materials for hygienic purposes.
Easy and Convenient

JumpBelly inflatables are easy to setup for enjoyments. Place and power up to inflate then have fun after 60 seconds.
Hassle-free Storage

JumpBelly inflatables come with compact designs for more hassle-free on storage.
Value for Money

JumpBelly inflatables just need a one-time investment to own for long term enjoyments.
Great Quality

JumpBelly inflatables are made durably with high quality commercial grade PVC Vinyl with 100% lead-free, fire retardant, heavy duty specification and finest materials to exact the international standards for long-lasting wear.

JumpBelly inflatables are safer to play with as the products materials are finest and up to heavy duty specification for long-lasting wear. Therefore, the materials will not be broken, torn or damaged easily to cause the unnecessary injuries.

JumpBelly inflatables make it easy to work up to sweat while playing, jumping, bouncing and running. It also helps to develop vital skills such as coordination and balancing, strategic thinking, social skills and more just all in a safe environment.
2 Year Warranty & Lifetime After Sales Services

We are providing 2 year warranty on product materials and stitching (inflatable product only) which caused by manufacturing defects. We also provide lifetime after sales services to restore all the inflatable products which purchased from us.
What should you know when having an inflatable at home?